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  • Roomba wheels

    Wheels for Roomba robots. We have both the wheel pivot front and as wheels side left and right robot Roomba from any series and model. IRobot original wheels equal to those that come standard on the robots.

  • Motors, tanks and carriage Roomba

    Engines, trucks and tanks for Roomba robots. Original spare parts from iRobot. Side engine spare parts and trucks brushes Roomba series 500, 600, 700, 800 and 900.

  • Load bases and Chargers Roomba

    In Mirtux we have all Chargers and charging Roomba bases available on the market. You can choose between the original charger from iRobot, iRobot also original charging cradle and a compatible charger itself with a great price and that will allow you to load your Roomba in the same way as the original.

    If you load your Roomba via base we have in Mirtux is exactly like that you use.

    If instead you use charger you can choose between the original or compatible.

  • Handles, lids and sensors Roomba

    In Mirtux we put at your disposal sensors, lids and handles for Roomba so you can replace them should they fail on your robot.

    We have rear caps for robtos of all series of iRobot. In terms of handles you can choose, depending on your model of Roomba robot, among the loose carrying handle or the handle frame.

    Finally, if sensors of proximity or falls fail by making your robot does not work correctly you can replace them with new ones and to obtain the maximum performance in your Roomba cleaning cycles.

  • Virtual walls and control Roomba

    Virtual walls will control your Roomba accurately and get the best cleaning results.

    With the remote you can control your Roomba from the sofa.

    In each product tab you specify the models for which they are valid.

    Both the remote control and the virtual walls are original products of iRobot.

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Spare parts for Roomba robots. In Mirtux you will find any part that you need for your Roomba working perfectly again.