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Battery Roomba - Original iRobot or Compatible

Roomba batteries

Battery Roomba - Original iRobot or Compatible

Your battery buy for vacuum cleaner Roomba in Mirtux, shop specializing in batteries and other spare parts for robots. We have different models of battery for Roomba robots, both compatible and original of iRobot.

Original battery for iRobot Roomba

We have the original XLIFE battery for iRobot Roomba to any model of the series 500, 600, 700,800.

We also have the lithium battery original for 900 series Roomba robots

Compatible battery for Roomba

You can choose between 4 different models of valid compatible battery for all Roomba series 500, 600, 700 and 800 models.

Compatible 3,000 mAh battery. The most economical range. Its capacity is equal to the of XLIFE original battery, so the robot cleaning time will be the same.

Compatible 3,500 mAh battery. An ideal battery floor large since its capacity allows the robot to clean longer than the original battery.

Compatible battery 4500 mAh. Ideal for homes with pets in which the Roomba takes longer to collect the hairs. Due to its large capacity allows the robot clean much longer, so it will get much better results than with any other battery.

Compatible battery Long Life. Longer-lasting battery. It has a number of similar to the of XLIFE original battery charging cycles. Your advantages with it are the 500 mAh capacity, allowing to increase the Roomba cleaning time, and its price.

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