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  • Spare parts Xiaomi My Robot Vacuum

    In Mirtux we have all spare parts for my Xiaomi Robot Vacuum. Change the filters and brushes your Xiaomi according to the manufacturer's recommendations to achieve optimum cleaning results.

  • Spare parts Neato

    Spare parts for Neato cleaning robots. In Mirtux we have the following spare parts for XV Series, Botvac, and Botvac D Series models:

    Side brushes

  • Conga spare parts

    At Mirtux we offer a wide range of spare parts for Conga. With the filters, side brushes and central brushes for Conga you will be able to keep your robot in perfect condition and achieve the same cleaning results as on the first day.

    Accessories and spare parts for Conga

    Cecotec, manufacturer of Conga robots, recommends replacing mops, filters and side brushes when they are in poor condition so that the robot is always in perfect condition. Filters are particularly important, as they block dust and dirt from entering the robot.

    Although there is no exact deadline and it depends on the use of the robot, it is recommended to change Conga robot mops, side brushes and filters every 3 months.

    The central brushes are more durable, lasting between 6 and 9 months.

  • Dyson Spare Parts

    At Mirtux we specialise in accessories and spare parts for Dyson. Purchase filters, pre-filters and post-filters for a wide variety of Dyson vacuum cleaner models (we are gradually expanding our catalogue as the brand launches new models onto the market).

    We offer compatible spare parts for Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners of our own brand, high quality (similar to the originals) and at a very competitive price. We could say that they are the accessories for Dyson with the best quality-price ratio on the market.

    Accessories and spare parts Dyson V7 and V8

    The Dyson V7, V8, V10 and V11 vacuum cleaners are Dyson's newest and best-known macble-free vacuum cleaners. In our online shop you will find accessories and spare parts for Dyson V7 and V8 (soon also for Dyson V10 and V11).

    We offer quality compatible spare parts for your robot to work perfectly and with a duration similar to the originals.

    Dyson spare parts DC models

    The DC models were the first cordless vacuum cleaners launched by Dyson to the market. Many of these models are out of print and are not currently sold, but there are many people who still have them and they work perfectly, so at Robot Vacuum Cleaner we also try to offer a wide range of spare parts and accessories for the Dyson DC range.

  • Rowenta spare parts
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