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Spare parts Conga Excellence 990

The Conga Excellence 990 cleaning robot is one of the best-selling models of the Cecotce brand. At Mirtux we offer you all the Conga Excellence 990 spare parts you need to keep your cleaning robot in the best conditions and achieve cleaning results as if your robot were new.

Conga robots are very modular and spare parts are very affordable. It is important to replace them according to the manufacturer's instructions so that the robot is kept in perfect condition.

Replacing the Conga Excellence 990 mops, filters and side brushes every 3 months will extend the robot's useful life and prevent breakdowns. The central brushes have an approximate duration of 6 months. Replacement times are approximate and will depend on the frequency of use of the robot and the dirt in your home. For example, a house with pets will always accumulate more hair and dust, so the change of mops, filters and brushes should be more frequent.

Buy spare parts for Conga Excellence 990

At Mirtux we have mops, side brushes, central brushes, filters and batteries for Conga Excellence 990 robots. You can also find packs of spare parts created by us thinking of the needs of our customers.

In addition to replacing the robot components within the recommended deadlines, remember to clean them after each use following the instructions in the robot manual.

Conga Excellence 990 spare parts

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