How often is must change spare parts of the Roomba? What parts are there? What are you going to explain in this article.

How often change Roomba's brushes

We recommend changing the side brushes every 3 months of use. The side brushes are very economical and help your Roomba to clean better. When they spend a few months of use the bristles lose shape, that the manufacturer recommends to replace them from time to time. You can buy them in our shop in packs so they leave you even more economical, the screw you need is included in the product.

How often change the filters for Roomba

Roomba advised to replace filters every 2 or 3 months. It is recommended that you clean them frequently, for example whenever you pour your robot vacuum cleaner tank.

The best thing to clean them is to shake them, we do not recommend washing them because the water softens the surfaces and will cause breakage. To renew the filters for your Roomba dirt will better to deposit, so the Roomba will do the job better. Although apparently your filters are like the first day, the truth is that they are losing effectiveness, hence it is one of the spare parts that we focus more to extend the life of our robot vacuum cleaners.

How to know if you need to change the Roomba's battery?

Batteries have a number of cycles of life, that is so and we can do nothing to change it. What we can do is to replace the battery with a new one when it comes to an end. Know because, depending on the model, your Roomba will show error when loading or cleaning will begin to take very little, i.e. Roomba says charged but comes out to clean and a few minutes stops, often unable to return to base because... it's time I bought AR a new battery.

When you go to choose the battery, you'll see that the original of iRobot is a to the sale and there are many other brands your Roomba series-compatible (check that it is valid for your Roomba model). Surprisingly, the Roomba brand is more expensive. We sell both compatible (with different capabilities and features) as the original and we are very pleased with the result that give our support. In addition, you know that we also have workshop of Roomba repair and different tools to measure... All of our compatible batteries have the ability that we announced and are of good quality, we have seen that in other stores (mostly Chinese) batteries have less capacity than is indicated in this. Be careful when making your purchase.

If you want to see the batteries we have available can do so by clicking here: battery for Roomba at Mirtux. Their prices are between € 35.20 (ideal for small flats) and € 85 (the original).

How often to change Central brushes or central extractors?

Central extractors / brushes (depending on your model Roomba carry one type or another) should be changed every 6 months according to the manufacturer. It is also very important to clean them frequently. Cleaning is simple, just have to take out them and shake them and removing them, if there are hairs or dirt on the sides can already be perfectly cleaned.

To check if your brushes are still in good condition (beyond the time you've given them and more immediate visual verification) you can throw away crumbs, cereals and small things on the floor, with one pass the Roomba should absorb them, if you see that there is waste left... m omentum buy some spare parts of Central brushes. You'll find them in our online store, once again, in the original section and in the section on spare parts compatible with your Roomba series.



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